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Wall Street Girls is a financial education platform for driven and curious females interested or working in the financial sector. We are all about cultivating future female leaders in finance to close the industry’s outdated gender gap. We help high school and college students prepare for roles in finance, including in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, and asset management, through roundtables and interactive workshops, virtual and in-person networking events, as well as a range of online resources. By bringing together an online knowledge base, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive community, Wall Street Girls hopes to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of female leaders in the financial services industry. 

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How We Started

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Tiffany and I am the founder of Wall Street Girls. Welcome!


I am a senior at Stanford University studying English and Economics, who will be joining Goldman Sachs as an investment banking analyst in the TMT group next year. After going through the finance recruiting process myself, I realised how challenging it can be to break into this male-dominated industry as a young woman. That is why I launched Wall Street Girls – to not provide curious and ambitious women with resources on and exposure to the financial services industry but to build a community where we can connect with one another, inspire one another with our passion, and grow together.


Despite progress that has been made over the past decades, women are still underrepresented in finance. This gender gap is especially prevalent among senior management, where women hold only 9% and 6% of senior roles in venture capital and private equity, respectively, and starts as early as college, where female students are found to be less likely to study courses leading to careers in finance, compared to their male counterparts.


My mission for Wall Street Girls is thus to help women, regardless of their age, background, and experiences, who are interested in finance, prepare for careers in this field through skill-building workshops and networking events, mentorship opportunities, educational resources, as well as, most importantly, a supportive community. Join me on my journey to empower the next generation of female leaders in finance! 


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